Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hell And Hades

Hell And Hades Are Not The Same


It’s important to realize that Hades is not the same of what we think of Hell today.  Hades, as it was called in the Greek (Sheol in the Hebrew), was a place under the earth where all the dead went, regardless of whether one was good or evil or Jew or Gentile.  However, there were two sides of Hades.  One side was a place of torment for the wicked while the other side was paradise like for those who were righteous (Luke 16, Luke 23:43).  The common conception of Hell today is more like the “Lake of Fire” mentioned in the Book of Revelation but Hades and the Lake of Fire are two different locations.  In fact, Hades is cast into the Lake of Fire in Revelation 20:14.

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